Hobo Barbie Saga

It's not news that Barbie's life has been a roller coaster since 2008 with the financial crisis and Ken losing his job. In case you have been living in a cave and don't know, a brief rundown on her sad tale is......

She left Ken not long after the "crash" and had been wandering aimlessly in Idaho, until a friend told her about the "Pleasant Valley" in south-Central Colorado near where I live. She hitched her way here and fell in love. But w/o any money, she had to take up residence in an abandoned hobo den in the hills above the Arkansas River.

There's a beautiful view from her abode. That little arrow points to my house which she can see from her den. Even though I can't see her hidden dwelling from my house, she can see me. I know she comes out at night to sit on the rocks at and looks across the valley to see my lights knows that she has a friend nearby.

I've been reporting on her general well being and activities in blog posts. You can read the story in here....

Here's the Full Story

Homeless Barbie Takes up Residence in Colorado Hobo Den 

I was hiking in the mountains across the valley from where I live and I stumbled upon this old Hobo Den that may have been used by miners 100 years ago.

What caught my eye was the colorful clothing inside, it seemed out of place so I went to explore.

Even though the sign said...

Keep Out

I decided to go in. So, I got my hardhat (which I always carry in my backpack just in case) I thought there might be rocks in the rafters (there were).
Inside I found all Barbie's worldly possessions hanging on a clothesline. Apparently downtrodden and desperate, Barbie took up residence in  this abandoned Hobo Den.
She also hung a little flag that says "Barbie Was Here." How sweet and sad.
I think this was a jacket from a Bruce Springsteen Album, but I could be wrong. Could this be the last remnant from her former civilized life?

I can see why she chose this place, there's a great view. (my house is just across the valley on that mesa)
It's kind of a sad little place. I'm going to have to go back and lend her some furniture and curtains, I know she would appreciate it. What do you think she needs?

So I said goodbye and hope to get a glimpse of her one day but I'll bet she is like the snow leopard, very shy and secretive.


Hobo Barbie Cuts off Her Hair in Remorse

 I was worried when I saw little tuffs of hair laying on the rock just outside Barbie's Hobo Den.

Inside, on a rock, I found all her hair CUT OFF, apparently using an old rusty, dull pocket knife.
In a fit of despair, she must have felt like she had lost everything, and maybe she thought "why not take the hair too."

 Then I saw what must have pushed her over the edge, ALL her clothes were GONE. Were they STOLEN? Did she throw them away? There was only a pair of  nylon stockings left on her clothesline. What a mystery, tragedy.

What good would a pair of thing nylons be to her out here in the wildernes? Who would take everything leaving only these?  So, I hung a crocheted afgan on the railing to help keep her warm. It's not much, but at least she will have something.

 I also left her a card, inside it reads "Keep Warm Barb, Love CMD" with a P.S.... sorry they stole your clothes:(

It has a watercolor of her former home, a funky victorian mansion. Oh I hope that doesn't make her too sad! I promise I will bring her some winter things real soon. Fall is coming and it gets cold here in Colorado. She will need a warm coat, some wool pants and a pair of gloves.

I hope she can survive the winter in the mountains.



  1. Poor Barbie! any trace of her left?

  2. What a great find and what great commentary. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog especially about Barbie's life events. You're a good person to help Barbie. Hope she survives the next four years.