Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Stuff Karma or the Artistic Dissonance that fuels creativity

I had a sudden urge to clean out my storage unit. I was mainly motivated by saving the $55 a month, which is not that much, but these days every bit helps. I sold some things, threw out others and squeezed the rest into my garage. Task DONE, yeah! A little extra $$, yippee! BUT it got me thinking about Stuff Karma. For the artist, it's the ongoing problem of what to do with the work you make and the stuff you collect.
one of Christine's Junk Piles
I struggle with this all the time and it gets harder as I get older. It's not just a problem for artists but for everyone in Western culture:  stuff accumulates, storage costs go up, attachment can become greater the longer you keep something, letting go is hard. BUT, if you don't deal with your stuff now, while your alive, the task will go to someone who doesn't know what you want (heck, even you probably don't know what you want to do with all that stuff, hence the storage shed).