Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Downsizing by SMASHING

Today I began studio downsizing. It's so overwhelming that my brain locks up when I walk in the door. But I must start somewhere, so I pick GLASS. Maybe because I know I'll be able to take out some of my frustration smashing it. 

I've been collecting vintage glass for a few years now. I break it up and tumble it, then drill holes and use it for charms and pendants.  I especially like strong colors such as cobalt blue and ruby red. These are hard to find so I'm not taking them to the recycle bin, no, no, no. BUT...... Bottles are bulky, it's all that empty space inside.  So, given that I need to downsize,  the easy solution is to


And that I will gladly do. Here's the lineup
I did NOT drink all this Sky Vodka, they were my neighbors, or maybe my sisters, definitely NOT mine. 

Yes I'm going to smash this lovely Chilhuly inspired green Swan. It's the swan part that compels me. That long neck just cries out to break it off.

Deep red antique glass. I feel a bit guilty about these but I got em CHEAP and that's a good enough excuse for me.

Some kinda glass flower thingy, it's super heavy, super thick, and going to be a bitch to smash
but I love a challenge.
The stash - red, blue and green

I use a giant Santa Hat to hold the glass, because the material is heavy and I got them free. This is some of that thick red flower

Here are some cool shaped pieces.

Some of the red decanters and goblets with nice textures on them. They'll make great pieces with all that texture and the deep red.

And here's the green swan, all boxed up nice and neat.

The stash now, much more compact don't you think?

I had lots of fun and I only poked myself once just a tiny prick. Boy I wish I had a bigger  tumbler. I wonder if I could use my cement mixer, hummmm.

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