Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Downsizing by SMASHING

Today I began studio downsizing. It's so overwhelming that my brain locks up when I walk in the door. But I must start somewhere, so I pick GLASS. Maybe because I know I'll be able to take out some of my frustration smashing it. 

I've been collecting vintage glass for a few years now. I break it up and tumble it, then drill holes and use it for charms and pendants.  I especially like strong colors such as cobalt blue and ruby red. These are hard to find so I'm not taking them to the recycle bin, no, no, no. BUT...... Bottles are bulky, it's all that empty space inside.  So, given that I need to downsize,  the easy solution is to


And that I will gladly do. Here's the lineup
I did NOT drink all this Sky Vodka, they were my neighbors, or maybe my sisters, definitely NOT mine. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

How will Creatives Survive the New Economy?

I'm thoroughly discouraged. I have to sell my studio of 10 years because it's just too expensive and making a living selling my jewelry has become too difficult and sales have fallen off significantly over the past year. I blamed myself for a time but then, I happen upon things like this, and it reminds me it's not my fault.
BurOakStudio on Etsy - Copies my Smashed Knitting Needle Bracelets 
These bracelets sell for $10 from a casual Etsy seller, mine are $28. I can't afford to make them for $10 retail.  I know mine are better but most customers do not care, or they are not educated enough to see the difference. Price is the deciding factor, especially in this economy.

When I first put these on the market, I sold enough each month to pay the mortgage on my studio. Now I'm lucky if I sell one every other month.

Appropriation with out Consideration

This kind of appropriation happens all the time, especially from the Internet. Sites like Pinterest make it so easy to re-pin and share that the original source gets lost within a few pins, much like the original message got lost in a game of "telephone." 

What is more disheartening is the presentation by these "artists" that they just "came up with the idea". When I know they saw my work online and conveniently forgot. 

Before I started there were no "smashed knitting needle bracelets". Knitting needle jewelry existed, mostly from smaller needles like these from Sassafras Creations.

These pieces are much more professional than BurOakStudios work, shown below.