Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Q: Why I SMASH!!!!

A: Finding my bracelets on another's Pinterest Board titled "Cool Stuff I Could Make.

Thank you Mary Gibson from  Wenatchee Washington for repinning my bracelet. I appreciate the promo it makes my day when I inspire someone to fantasize about just whipping up a bracelet like this, easy as making a pie. Those needles bend like puddy and I stamped every one of those little circles with a stamp.

I've spent years of R&D, gone thru countless failed attempts at both smashing knitting needles and buttons, purchased a $1,000 piece of equipment and made thousands of bracelets. But hey, give it a try, and make Cool Stuff. Come early for bargain prices. Be a living wonder.

So begins my series of blog posts on WHY I SMASH! In  case you don't know, I began smashing buttons several years ago on a dark gloomy winter day, staring a bag of blingy metal buttons that I was unable to sell on Etsy for  a few bucks. You can read the whole sorted story here.

But out of that dark hole has grown a series of Smashing Jewelry! And I've learned that anything and everything that is "smashable." Materials are in plentiful supply. People are always trying my patience and frustrating situations come up daily that compel me to smash. So try making cool stuff, but remember, I'm the one with the most hammers!


  1. Smashalicious!!!! Glad you found your de-stresser and turned it into beauty!!!

  2. Too funny. Love your smashed jewelry. Saw you on Think Crafts. Had to sign up for your emails. Keep it coming. Do we have to pretend to be making art to smash things?