Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DeCon Daze

Our first DeCon day was Delightful. Take 5 mature women (aka grannies), give em some guy tools and see how much damage they can do in a few hours.

We started with a bunch of old machines that have been in retirement for decades, just like us. Some like the Underwood manual typewriter are older than dirt (and was caked with layers of dirt, oil and hay).

Others like the Commodore 64 keyboard (named after the 60's group) were just vintage (aka dated) or to put it simply  - old but not yet really cool

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Q: Why I SMASH!!!!

A: Finding my bracelets on another's Pinterest Board titled "Cool Stuff I Could Make.

Thank you Mary Gibson from  Wenatchee Washington for repinning my bracelet. I appreciate the promo it makes my day when I inspire someone to fantasize about just whipping up a bracelet like this, easy as making a pie. Those needles bend like puddy and I stamped every one of those little circles with a stamp.

I've spent years of R&D, gone thru countless failed attempts at both smashing knitting needles and buttons, purchased a $1,000 piece of equipment and made thousands of bracelets. But hey, give it a try, and make Cool Stuff. Come early for bargain prices. Be a living wonder.