Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Whistle Stops Here

Thanks to all my Facebook fans that guessed what this Rustic Boho Gypsy Tin Cuff Bracelet was made from..... Some guesses were: super hero lunch box, tamborine, flute, kazoo..... All were great guesses and gave me some new ideas of things to try smashing. Kathryn guessed right after many tries by others and a few hints. Here's the story.....

It all started with a Slide Whistle (aka as a swannee whistle, piston flute or jazz flute). It has a little rod that you move up and down in the chamber to make a wheeeeeeeeee sound as you blow.

 It's a really old one as you can see by the wooden knobs. It was a bit rusty and worn out, seen better days. Picked it up at a yard sale for $1. So being old and cheap (like me) I did not feel so guilty about my plans to smash it.

First I took it apart with some lineman's pliers. These you can get at Home Depot. They are awesome for gripping metal.  I removed the rod and wood knobs and found these little round tin disks inside. Those must make the noise. Hey and they were even painted.

Then I started smashing, OH Noooooooo he screamed (Is that Humpty Dumpty?) Don't smash-a-me pluueasssse! Too late. Rebirth is hard sometimes.

Next, I textured and roughed up the surface and hammered to curve it around to be a cuff bracelet.

Then I grabbed some nice big buttons all shiney and blingy but with great textures.

....and I smash-ed those.

 Then I torched them a bit to transform that ugly nickel patina.

Then I folded them over

and slipped them on the ends of the bracelet. Then added copper rivets to secure them to the cuff.

After that it was some little additions like taking those tiny disks, riveting them on and fluting them. I put one over ole Dumpty mouth as that was the whistle hole and needed some reinforcement. He'll never whistle again:(

And voila! Fun Fun!

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  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and starting out my day with a laugh...

    1. Thanks RoseMary glad to help even out the existential angst of modern life.