Monday, September 10, 2012

Hobo Barbie's Clothes Disappear - Cuts off Her Hair in Remorse

I was worried when I saw little tuffs of hair laying on the rock just outside Barbie's Hobo Den.
Inside, on a rock, I found all her hair CUT OFF, apparently using an old rusty, dull pocket knife.
In a fit of despair, she must have felt like she had lost everything, and maybe she thought "why not take the hair too."

 Then I saw what must have pushed her over the edge, ALL her clothes were GONE. Were they STOLEN? Did she throw them away? There was only a pair of  nylon stockings left on her clothesline. What a mystery, tragedy.

What good would a pair of thing nylons be to her out here in the wildernes? Who would take everything leaving only these?  So, I hung a crocheted afgan on the railing to help keep her warm. It's not much, but at least she will have something.

 I also left her a card, inside it reads "Keep Warm Barb, Love CMD" with a P.S.... sorry they stole your clothes:(
It has a watercolor of her former home, a funky victorian mansion. Oh I hope that doesn't make her too sad! I promise I will bring her some winter things real soon. Fall is coming and it gets cold here in Colorado. She will need a warm coat, some wool pants and a pair of gloves.
I hope she can survive the winter in the mountains.
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  1. Poor Barbie! But I'm glad your close and are taking care of her needs!

  2. I get concerned when Barbie cuts off or has her hair cut off. It seems that after a hair cut, she can never have a perfect Barbie hair day again. What's with that?