Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homeless Barbie Takes up Residence in Hobo Den

I was hiking in the mountains across the valley from where I live and I stumbled upon this old Hobo Den that may have been used by miners 100 years ago.

What caught my eye was the colorful clothing inside, it seemed out of place so I went to explore.

Even though the sign said...

Keep Out

wth, I decided to go in. So, I got my hardhat (which I always carry in my backpack just in case) I thought there might be rocks in the rafters (there were).
Inside I found all Barbie's worldly possessions hanging on a clothesline. Apparently downtrodden and desperate, Barbie took up residence in  this abandoned Hobo Den.
She also hung a little flag that says "Barbie Was Here." How sweet and sad.
I think this was a jacket from a Bruce Springsteen Album, but I could be wrong. Could this be the last remnant from her former civilized life?
I can see why she chose this place, there's a great view. (my house is just across the valley on that mesa)
It's kind of a sad little place. I'm going to have to go back and lend her some furniture and curtains, I know she would appreciate it. What do you think she needs?

So I said goodbye and hope to get a glimpse of her one day but I'll bet she is like the snow leopard, very shy and secretive.

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  1. I think she needs a Journal, so all her visitors can leave her notes. That way, she won't feel so alone and desperate!

  2. Great idea she would love that. Thank you.

  3. It's sad really; a forgotten stereotype, in exile. Where is Ken, I wonder? Maybe in some hole in the wall bar?

  4. Poignant. But also frivolous and fun. So glad that you documented.